Winter Magic in the Garden

Winter, colder days and nights, log fires, smokey chimneys and hearty wholesome food. We remember this, a slowing of pace, should we hibernate like hedgehogs and squirrels, sleep through these chillier times or fly to warmer climates like the swift and swallow.

But let’s not forget winter does hold magic, early evening sunsets, rose pink tinged clouds, early morning gardens criss-crossed, dressed in finely glazed silken spider webs pitted with dewy pearls from shed to shrub, tree to trellis. The Robin sings high above, perched on the cold limbs of an apple tree, the odd rosy red fruit still holding on, Black Bird keeping a beady eye awaiting their fall to the ground, rich pickings to feast on.

Technicoloured coats of red, yellow and orange leaves adorn branches for a short time as daylight hours draw shorter, a glorious sight to see.

We get the chance to help both our native and seasonal garden birds by putting out scraps from the kitchen supplemented with a variety of seed, nuts and meal worms along fat-balls and suet blocks, deposited on bird tables and feeding stations spread loos or placed in to an assortment of feeders. A joy to watch a variety of birds visit the garden to dine and fuel up ready to brave these winter days and nights.

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