Plant Delivery Packages…

Our new Plant Delivery / Click & Collect Service is now LIVE!
You can order any of the following packages, free delivery within a 10-mile radius when you spend £30 or over, anything over 10 miles is subject to a quotation. Minimum spend is £30. 
To order simply email and quoting your name, address, what packages you would like to order and your phone number. Once we have received this, we will then call you back to take payment over the phone and confirm your order including day of delivery.
Please see price list below, happy shopping. You can also order individual items, including tomato plants, compost, garden care products simply browse our website for more details. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us., 01664 812012 – option 1 


Delivery Packages – All packages are subject to availability and some stock might get substituted
Why not add some garden care, seeds or gardening accessories to your order?
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Perennial Pack
6 x Selection of our home grown perennials, stunning choices all flowering soon
Total price£30.00
Vegetable Pack
2 x Yellow Pepper
2 x Red Pepper
4 x Tomato Plant
2 x Cucumber Plant
1 x 75 ltr Multipurpose with John Innes£30.00
Clematis Pack
3 x large clematis (Multi Blue – blue, Piilu – pink, Hagley Hybrid – light pink,
Nelly Moser – light pink. Choose three.£30.00
Easy Grow Your Own Vegetable Pack
1 x spinach strip
2 x lettuce strip
1 x beetroot strip
2 x chillies
2 x tomatoes
2 x cucumber
2 x grow bags£31.00
Do you need a grow house? We have a great tomato grow house available for only £30.
Hebe Pack
1 x Hebe Wire Mist
1 x Hebe Ochracea ‘James Stirling’
1 x Hebe Midsummer Beauty
1 x Hebe Trixie£20.00
Herb Pack
Choose from our huge selection of herbs, 12 for only £20
You can find a list of our herbs on the page ‘Vegetable & Herbs’ or you can call us.£20.00
Hydrangea Pack
Choose from two of the below Hydrandea’s, all beautiful colours, perfect for any garden
Scarlett Red
Ice Girl
Kardinal Violet
Violet Gratin
Blue Bells
Tiffany Pink
Black Knight£33.00
Fruit Tree Pack
2 x Fruit Trees
Choose from Fruit, Apple, Plum & Cherry
Drawf Fruit Trees, currently 60cm and will grow to around 1.5 metres. Plant now£40.00
for fruit to flower in the Autumn. Imagine that, picking your own fruit from the garden!
Buy singulary for £20 each.
Perennial Premium Pack
1 x Peony
1 x Hydragea
1 x Lavatera£34.00