Create The Perfect Cottage Garden

Create the perfect Cottage Garden

It’s the perfect time to create your very own timeless cottage garden. Here at our garden centre we have many varieties of plants to get you started, and what’s even better most are home grown here within our plant nursery, Foxgloves (Digitalis) with its tall spires of blooms, a great plant for self-seeding and happy in both sun and shade. Salvias with their deep blue hues great for bringing depth and drama. Coreopsis, its striking show deep chocolate like buds combined with deep yellow flowers supported on lush green foliage, a pure delight for both gardener and bees. Not forgetting one of our favourites Delphiniums, upright and proud giving height and lift, another beauty for the back of the cottage garden are the Hollyhocks with its broad leaves and stunning blooms, again a great one for adding height, irresistible.

To help you create your dream garden we have put together our “buds in boarders” offer, mix and match any four of our home grown nursery fresh plants for just £10.00 (brought separately £2.99 each).